The Booking Agent’s Book of Secrets for Touring Musicians

The Booking Agent's Book of Secrets for Touring Musicians

Want more gigs for your band?
Looking for a fast-track to success?
Seeking a career as a booking agent?

This is the book you’ve been waiting for.

Disclosed like never before, a real-life booking agent candidly reveals all in this step-by-step guidebook to the elusive world of booking agents, packed with actionable steps you can take today to get ahead of the competition — including my ‘4-Point Plan to Get Signed’.

Learn all the tactics, the thought process, shortcuts, and insider secrets that will enable you to take your music career to the next level and supercharge your journey to the top.

PS, Don’t tell your friends.

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A Look Inside the Book:

Table of Contents

Author’s Note


Part 1: Understanding Agents

Chapter 1: What is an Agent and What do They do?

Chapter 2: What a Booking Agent Looks for in  Potential New Artists

Chapter 3: Do I Need an Agent?

Chapter 4: My 4-Point Plan to Get an Agent

Part 2: How to Be Your Own Booking Agent

Chapter 5: Taking on the Role Yourself

Things to Do Now 1:

Chapter 6: Strategy and Booking

Things to Do Now 2:

Chapter 7: Deals and Negotiation

Chapter 8: Tour Announcements and On-Sale

Chapter 9: PR, Publicity Material/Artwork, and Promotion

Chapter 10.  Preparing to Set Out on Tour

Chapter 11: On The Road

Chapter 12: After the Show and Payments

Chapter 13: Final Thoughts

About the Author

The Big Glossary (Terms Used in this Book, and in the Wider Music Industry)

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